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Past Events

Unlock Your Hidden Potential Summit

I interviewed top experts in the fields of business, transformation, health, and love in this online series.  They offered action steps and tools you can use to shift from confusion to clarity and confidence, so you can rediscover your passion and purpose and move towards your desires with more ease.

Unleash Your Inner Power Master Class

This master class showed you how to bust through limiting beliefs and fears, so you can rediscover your purpose and live with more peace, passion, and fulfillment.

Live Your Dreams Now Master Class

This master class taught you how to raise your vibration to align with your desires and shift your mindset, so you can become a match to all that you want to attract in your life.

Book Signing


My Gracie book reading and signing at Barnes & Noble of Holmdel, NJ. This event included a discussion of the book and a fun mindfulness activity!

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Check out my interview on Rude Aweykining where I reveal:

*How to overcome the biggest challenge in work/life balance.

*3 simple ways to bring more mindfulness into your day-to-day life.

*2 powerful tools you can implement today to align your thoughts with your desires.

Book Reading & Interview

Listen to me read excerpts from my new book, My Gracie, available now online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In this video, I also talk about the book, how to manage emotions, and we engage in a fun mindfulness exercise!

Gratitude Practice

Check out this quick video on setting up your day for success using the power of gratitude!


Watch my interview with Susan Yockey where I reveal:

  • Tips on dealing with stress and how to express emotions in healthy ways.

  • How to master your mindset!

  • Why it's crucial for kids and adults to understand emotions in today's world.

  • And much more!