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I guide clients in upgrading their thoughts and transforming their beliefs, so they can deliberately design the life they want to live.

My Life Coaching Services

What to Expect

  • Get clear on what you want, your vision, and goals.
  • Work backwards to create a model that supports your vision.
  • Create an Inspired Action Plan to help you achieve your vision and goals.

Processes I Use

In my life coaching services, I use a combination of Law of Attraction based processes, EFT, and guided meditation to help you uncover blocks that are holding you back.  Together, we'll create new and healthy thoughts, belief systems, and habits that support your vision and goals and lead to your total life transformation.  

What's included

4- one hour calls per month and unlimited emails in between calls

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Helene Poirson ~Washington, D.C.

"Nikki helped me bust through confusion about my career path, get out of my head, and focus on the feelings I wanted in my desired career.  The process she walked me through to get to clarity was incredibly powerful and her gentle, professional guidance encouraged me to take the next steps without fear or doubt.  I am excited about what is now unfolding for me in that area of my life." 

Mike Marotta ~New Jersey

"I was going through the lowest point in my life and Nikki helped me change my mindset and turn everything around for the better.  I stopped putting negative thoughts into the universe and let the positivity flow.  I learned to always find small victories in the day.  Nikki is such a big help and a pleasure to work with, and easy to relate to!"

Norma Springsteen ~Sacramento, California

"I've been working for a while on releasing the feeling of unworthiness that I know is at the heart of all the obstacles I've placed on my own path.  Nikki led me through a couple of exercises during a coaching call to work toward changing some of my beliefs. It was such a beautiful and awe inspiring experience! I knew this session would be beneficial, but I had no idea just how deep I’d be able to go. 

 I want to encourage all of you to keep doing this work with Nikki – she has beautiful gifts and a loving energy that can help you see behind the veil to the answers you seek. Today started out beautifully and got even better thanks to Nikki’s guidance!" 

Amy Wilhelm ~Colorado

I met Nikki in January of 2018 and we talked weekly for about 6 months.  During that time Nikki helped me discover my mental blocks by asking powerful questions and using multiple processes.  I discovered issues that were buried so deep that I didn’t realize they were issues, which were actually the roadblocks preventing me from moving on emotionally, As she was coaching me she also shared some about herself, she was authentic and vulnerable and I appreciated her genuine compassion and openness.  If you are looking for a coach who is not afraid to ask the tough questions, makes you think about what you really want as well as teach you about mindfulness to help you shift your energy so you are “in the flow” instead of fighting the current and going upstream, I would look no further.  Nikki Gangemi is an effective coach and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her!

Joy Walters-Kidd ~Canada

Nikki offers a calm and relaxed approach to her coaching.  She tunes in to you and listens to your concerns and walks you through processes that help guide you towards the answers that help you to ultimately resolve them.  She is very patient and she really takes the time to make sure you get what you need from your time with her.  I felt heard, I felt understood and felt like she really cared that I got results.

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Self-esteem & Self-worth

Managing emotions

Law of Attraction



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