One-on-One Coaching

3 and 6 Month Packages Available

 I help clients reconnect to their inner genius and create an authentically aligned life and business 

My Life-Coaching Services


What to Expect

 • Get clear on what you want, your vision, and goals.

 • Work backwards to create a model that supports your vision.

 • Create an Inspired Action Plan to help you achieve your vision and goals. 

Processes I Use

In my life-coaching services, I use a combination of Law of Attraction based processes, EFT, and guided meditation to help you uncover blocks that are holding you back.  Together, we'll create new and healthy thoughts, belief systems, and habits that support your vision and goals and lead to your total life transformation.  

What's included

4 one-hour calls per month, and unlimited emails in between calls

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Topics I can speak on:


Self-esteem & Self-worth

Managing emotions

Law of Attraction



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