About Nikki

"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" The essence of this classic quote has always carried me in leaping towards my dreams. From moving out to Los Angeles in my early 20's to pursue my love of acting to most recently resigning from my 15-year teaching career to build my dream business.

Hi! My name is Nikki Gangemi and I help professionals and entrepreneurs develop a positive focus and instill healthy mind habits, so they can move forward in life and business getting to their next level of success with more ease.

It's amazing what happens when you finally say YES to you and give yourself permission to live your life full out!

That's why I made a commitment to use my voice and dedicate my professional life to helping others get the courage and the mindset to say “Yes!” to themselves and blend their passion and talent together in order to bring their gifts into the world and be paid for it so that they can live life on their terms, unapologetically.

Since then, I’ve given numerous trainings, hosted online events, and helped private clients. I've stepped into my dream of creating my own hours while working remotely from my laptop and hosting events at my leisure.

I also created my From 9-5 to Dream Biz Signature 5-Step Framework every aspiring entrepreneur needs to apply to leave your corporate job and turn your dream into a reality!

Have you begun your journey into turning your dream into a heart-centered business that is authentically aligned with your passion and purpose? What’s possible for you when you commit to saying yes to yourself and fully step into your vision? Are you ready to develop rock solid confidence in yourself and move through any fears and doubts that are keeping you from playing full out? I promise you that changing from the inside out along with taking consistent inspired action will motivate you to take your next big leap. Can you give yourself permission to do that? I can only say that it’s well worth it!

More About Me

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