About Nikki

I spent a good part of my life searching for happiness.  I struggled with feeling unworthy and not good enough because for so long I let my past define me.  In fact, I built a pretty solid wall to protect myself from all the hurt I endured, only to still feel less than and unhappy. 

Then one day I discovered mindfulness and learned how to breathe. I became aware of every thought I had and how those thoughts made me feel. After practicing this new way of being, I learned that everything I had been yearning and searching for outside of myself was actually inside of me. 

I became empowered to start honoring all my desires and feelings and tapped into the courage and confidence within to start doing what I wanted to do.  I made the decision to follow my heart and live life on my terms, unapologetically.

For the first time in my life, I felt I had a purpose and each day that I said YES to myself, I felt more happiness and satisfaction.

Now my passion is to help heart-centered entrepreneurs reconnect to their inner genius and create an authentically aligned life and business. I work mostly with mindset and helping people uncover their blocks to success and essentially build a new you that aligns with who you really are and keeps you living in your genius. I love watching my clients expand their awareness and become empowered as they reach new levels of success and abundance.

Why am I good at what I do?  Well, I’ve lived everything I teach! I spent the first 35 years of my life playing small, settling, and feeling discontent until one day I decided there’s got to be more to life and I’m going to start living it on my terms.  Through my journey I found everything I’d spent my whole life searching for, and guess what? I had it IN me all along! And so do you!

More About Me

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